Straight Talk About the George Floyd Arrest

It’s been used now for 3 months and 17 days (as of this writing) as the justification for protests, riots, billions of dollars in property damage and looting, random attacks on innocent people, and calls for removing police from our communities.

It’s the GEORGE FLOYD SHOW!! – 8 minutes of video showing a WHITE cop with his knee in the neck of a BLACK man, that started a Marxist revolution in America!!

So, before I begin ruffling feathers with facts and reality, I’m going to state my personal position here so there is no chance of anyone misunderstanding where my foundational principles lay. George Floyd should not have died. There were other ways – BETTER ways – to handle his arrest and resistance. Especially with FOUR officers on scene, there were much better options available to Ofc Derek Chauvin than sitting there with his knee buried in the neck of a guy handcuffed on the ground, face down, saying “I can’t breathe.”

There. That is my personal take on the death of George Floyd, based on the FACTS that are available to everyone in America who is not personally involved in the internal or criminal investigations surrounding this incident.

But, rather than honestly reporting the facts that are known, and reminding Americans that the officer was arrested and is being charged with murder (just the same as any black man who is suspected of killing someone in America), the media and left-wing activists keep making claims that serve no purpose but to fuel rage in those wanting only to react to a certain narrative.

There are two specific facts about this incident that nobody knows – and yet they are the two things that every idiot with a news program or a bullhorn in the street want to claim to know:

  1. We do NOT know the specific reason that Chauvin chose to spend eight minutes on the neck of Floyd.
  2. We do NOT know if or how many cops in the Minneapolis Police Department are racist, or would condone such behavior from themselves or a fellow officer.

But, to watch the news every night, or listen to Black Lives Matter, or ANTIFA on the subject, one would think that we have established beyond a reasonable doubt that that Chauvin is a racist who hates black people, that Floyd was an innocent man minding his business before being executed in the street, that the entire MPD is out to murder black people, and that ALL cops are racist murderers.

For people who don’t want to exercise their brain, it’s easier to support a bunch of anarchists in the street burning your city down if you are convinced that it’s being done to punish a morally inferior group of people.

It’s when you are truly brave and ambitious enough to be honest about what you really know and don’t know about a situation that you will discover how much B.S. you are being spoon-fed by those who have a plan on how to control your life.

Let’s start with the WHY concerning the initial contact between the cops and Mr. Floyd. Chauvin and another officer approached Floyd and couple of other people after a store employee reported that Floyd had passed a counterfeit $20 bill in the store to buy something. Floyd was in a vehicle when the cops approached him.

So, the cops did not just walk up to a black man, decide to handcuff him and sit on his neck because they needed to meet their “black oppression” quota for the day. They got a complaint, and were investigating.

The next thing an inquisitive person would want to know is what happened that led up to the arrest? Why was Floyd handled is such a way that resulted in him being placed on the ground in handcuffs, with a knee in the back of his neck?

Well, we can all now know what happened, because the FULL bodycam footage of the encounter is now out on the internet. Below are some links:


It’s incredibly important that you share this footage with friends and family. The media wants the world to view only 8 minutes of video, and ignore everything else that surrounds that 8 minutes.

Some things that jumped out at me in this bodycam footage:

  1. From the moment of first contact, Floyd did NOT comply with officers’ commands to show both his hands (kept his right hand hidden, while waving his left around), get out of the car, or to go along with the program, and let them cuff him as a safety precaution while they did their investigation. So, we have no choice (if we are to be honest) but to ask ourselves, “How might this have ended differently if George Floyd had followed commands, and submitted to the legal authority of the officers on scene?”
  2. It was clear that Floyd was not “normal” from the start. It definitely seemed to me that that he was high on something. He seemed paranoid. According to a June 7, 2020 article in, the medical examiner’s toxicology report found “signs of fentanyl, methamphetamine, and THC” in Floyd’s blood. So, if we are to be honest, we must ask ourselves what could have gone differently if George Floyd (a father with minor children) had not chosen to involve himself with hard drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine.
  3. While resisting the officers’ attempts to place him in a police car after his arrest, Floyd repeatedly claimed that he was claustrophobic. However, he had been comfortably sitting in a vehicle when they first approached him, with the doors and windows closed. He wasn’t having a claustrophobic attack in that vehicle. It seems the only cars that caused Mr. Floyd any anxiety are the ones that say POLICE on them. This is a clear indication that Floyd was resisting the officers’ efforts to affect a peaceful arrest, and knew that he was resisting, even though he kept claiming that he wasn’t.

Here are some things that I could NOT find in this video footage that would help us come to a “racist cop” conclusion:

  1. Any mention of Floyd’s race. Other than a description of him as a suspect, Floyd’s skin color is never mentioned. I hear no officers calling Floyd the “N” word, or any other racial slur. I don’t hear the officers, even amongst themselves, say anything like, “Well, he’s black, you know. So we’re going to have to arrest him.” There is nothing on the bodycam footage other than professionalism from the officers.
  2. Any physical confrontation with any other black person on the scene. The bodycam footage clearly shows an officer discussing the situation with two other black individuals standing against a wall (who were initially in the car with Floyd), and none of them were cuffed, roughed up, or mistreated in any way. Wouldn’t a racist cop want to put a few more notches on his belt by throwing a couple more blacks to the ground, and arresting them as accomplices? But, that didn’t happen. The only person out of all the black people near that store that day, who wound up in a fight with the cops, was Floyd.

I’d also like to address Floyd’s background. Like Michael Brown after the Ferguson shooting, George Floyd has been painted by the media as a wonderful, flawless man who went to church and loved his kids, and never so much as bent an innocent blade of grass in his life.

The reality is different. We haven’t heard any details about George Floyd’s violent and drug-fueled past from the major US media sources. Bu,t news outlets in other countries are willing to do the job that American journalists just don’t seem to want to – like the link below to a news website in INDIA that actually posted court documents:

Below is a case in which Floyd led a home invasion, pointing a gun at a pregnant woman’s abdomen while robbing her. He had even put on a blue uniform, and claimed to work with the water department to gain entry.

He also had numerous drug offenses.

Let’s also not forget that, on the day of his arrest, after being identified as the suspect who was passing counterfeit $20 bills, he was found to be in possession of two $20 counterfeit bills.

Not exactly what I would call a pillar of the community. But, all we keep hearing from the talking heads is that, “A white cop killed a black man.”

The bottom line is this: The more one digs into these hyped cases of “police discrimination” or “systemic racism,” the less discrimination and racism is found, and the more the “victim” turns out to be a true, unadulterated dirt-bag.

There is no way to turn the clock back, and change the fact that George Floyd is dead, and that just some small adjustments to the tactics used in arresting him would have prevented such an outcome. But, this was never a case of racist cops, or a racist police agency. It was one cop who used poor tactics. I can even accept the probability that Chauvin was acting out of anger because Floyd was being a total horse’s ass. And as such, he should answer for the consequences of his actions.

But this was never something worth burning and looting over. And the rioters know it.

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