Kyle Rittenhouse – The Price of Patriotism

Well, because I was hard at work all day on a boat engine, I’m kind of a late arrival as far as covering this story goes.

The internet is already swirling with videos, images, and opinions concerning this young man and his experiences last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. So, re-telling the story is kind of futile here. What I can do is offer my opinion, from a law enforcement perspective, of the events that led to the shooting of 3 people, 2 of whom are now sitting at room temperature.

To begin, I’d like to offer my opinion that Kyle’s hasty arrest and charges are currently politically motivated. After watching these events multiple times from multiple angles, I cannot reconcile with the media’s portrayal of this kid as a “vigilante.” What I feel is happening is that prosecutors (political animals) have decided to hurry up and charge him to placate the mob. It is becoming more and more apparent that the police shooting of Jacob Blake, wanted for sexual assault and domestic violence, was justified. Yet the riots still happen. And we can only imagine how the Marxist anarchists would react if the authorities declare the shooting of three felonious assailants to be justified.

I’ll be basing my analysis of Kyle’s actions on THIS VIDEO. It’s a fairly good compilation of multiple camera angles.

So, for starters, Kyle was there to protect a business. In one clip, he tells police that he works at that business. So, unless Wisconsin has some weird law that prohibits business owners and their agents from protecting their property (most states allow exactly that) he was okay being in the area.

I’m going to assume that in Wisconsin, it’s okay to open-carry on your own property, because three armored trucks full of cops pulled up and chatted with him and others who are sporting Ar-15 rifles.

So, the first shooting occurs after Kyle is chased by some unknown thug onto the property he is supposed to be guarding. It appears that he runs onto the property from somewhere in the public street, which I personally don’t like, because if he’s supposed to be guarding the business, what is he doing out in the street? But, he did the responsible thing, and retreated back onto the property, where the thug continued to give chase. At one point, the thug even throws some flaming object at Kyle. Additionally, two or three other people in the street turn and appear to at least begin to run toward him. Now, what will have to be established in court will be what Kyle perceived to be happening, and if it caused him to be in fear of great bodily harm or death.

The way I see it, the people in the streets were certainly did not have peaceful intent. Some can be seen carrying large sticks or poles. Someone chases Kyle and continues to pursue him onto the property that Kyle has a right to be on. Kyle has a rifle with him, and yet the thug continues to chase him. (Shows violent intent on the part of the thug). Kyle is assaulted on the property with some large flaming object.

The thug eventually catches up to Kyle near some parked cars. Again, I’m assuming that Kyle is lawfully armed (he’s 17, but was in the presence of adults in the first couple of clips.) He’s retreated to the property he belongs on, and the thug who has demonstrated his criminal intent has caught up with him. I cannot make it out on the video, but he turns and fires, hitting said thug in the head.

His next action was to pull out his phone and called someone, reporting, “I just shot somebody.” That certainly doesn’t seem like some cold-blooded killer to me. What do I keep seeing from rioters all over America whenever they pummel people with bricks, or bats, or skateboards? They celebrate and cheer and posture. Big difference.

Again, the justification for Kyle to shoot an unarmed assailant will depend on his lawyer being able to point out 1) the mob in the street 2) the thug chasing him and not ending his pursuit after Kyle retreated, and 3) Kyle’s potential fear of being disarmed and the thug (or another member of the mob) using the gun against him.

The next we see of Kyle, he is running up a street with his rifle. I don’t know if he decided on his own to go to where he believed police to be staged, or if the mob got so vicious that he had to flee. One question I have is WHERE were those adult men who were also carrying ARs and being so bold during camera interviews? It seems that Kyle got left to fend for himself.

Anyway, as Kyle runs, voices in the mob can be heard yelling “Get Him!” as they chase him.

I heard only one voice yell, “What’d he do?”

No one else in the mob bothered to ask. They simply did what mobs do – react and blindly follow.

Now, these people are already aware that he has shot one person, yet they are willing to chase him down while recruiting others to help chase him down. I’d say he has a pretty credible claim to being in fear for his life, wouldn’t you?

It appears that some guy in a white shirt races up from behind and throws something at him. I don’t know if Kyle was hit with an object or not. Kyle trips and falls to the ground. Immediately, someone yells “Get his ass!”

Immediately, several people rush him. It seems his first shot is fired just as a guy tries some flying kick, but I cannot tell if the round hit, because that guy runs away to the left. Justified? Well, again, he has a riotous mob chasing him, he’s on the ground. People are yelling to each other to “get him.” He has a gun that can very easily be used on him if taken away. Sounds like self defense to me.

Immediately, another assailant hits Kyle with a skateboard, coming close to his head. Kyle’s second shot catches that guy in the abdomen.

Note in this picture that Kyle’s gun is down on the ground. the attack is unprovoked. The skateboard appears to hit Kyle in the neck area – a potentially deadly strike.

Finally, another guy who had rushed up with a pistol in hand paused just after skateboard kid was shot, but then rushed forward to catch a bullet in his right arm. I’ve watched that single second over and over. Kyle’s trigger discipline was superb. Still shots show the guy with the pistol, holding it in his hand, with his hands up. Kyle does not fire. It is only when the assailant attempts to charge him that he fires a single shot, which drove the communist agitator away.

To be honest, this was some damn fine reactionary shooting, especially when you consider he’s only 17.

By then, the rioters had had their fill of Kyle Rittenhouse. No one else attacked him. He shot three people. I think we can learn something about how to stop the riots in Portland, and Seattle, and New York, and all the other leftist cities that are currently under siege. Not by constantly calling their riots “mostly peaceful.”

Start allowing police snipers take out anyone who lights a Molotov Cocktail. It’s a destructive device by legal definition and using it is a forcible felony. Allow officers to use deadly force on anyone hurling bricks and concrete. That is aggravated assault in any jurisdiction, and it is a forcible felony, liable to cause death or great bodily harm. Anyone lighting a building on fire is committing arson – a forcible felony. Let the cops shoot them. It won’t be long before the “peaceful” protests truly become peaceful.

So, what did Kyle Rittenhouse NOT do?

  1. Kyle did not attack anyone. Every shot he fired was in response to someone attacking him. We cannot say that about the “peaceful protesters.”
  2. Kyle did not continue to attack anyone after they had stopped their attack on him. Kyle shot, an assailant would fall, and he stopped shooting. I’ve lost track of how many scenes I’ve watched of these BLM thugs knocking down innocent people, then beating them unconscious, then continuing to beat and kick them in the head.

Kyle Rittenhouse did not go into Kenosha looking for trouble. He went to protect property because others came to destroy.

He didn’t ask to shoot anyone. It was forced upon him.

Here’s my question: Why did it take a 17 year old to stand and defend a business in Kenosha? Why isn’t every able-bodied man in that town standing outside with a gun tonight and telling these rioters “NO MORE!”

The cops cannot stop this violence. The politicians WON’T stop it. Kyle Rittenhouse is an example of what’s left if we are to keep our freedom, and perhaps our very lives.

A GoFundMe account was set up for Kyle, and was quickly removed. Don’t ever use GoFundMe again. Don’t give to any fundraiser on GoFundMe. They stand on the wrong side of history.

There is a support fund set up on Fundly, HERE. Please give what you can, because Kyle will need legal representation. He stood up when grown men wouldn’t, and deserves America’s help.

Brian Whiddon is a 15 year police veteran and author of BLUE LIVES MATTER – The Heart Behind The Badge. It is available from his publisher, Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

Published by Brian Whiddon

Get an old former cop's point of view on today's issues that affect public safety and the civil society. Straight, honest commentary without politically correct filters.

2 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse – The Price of Patriotism

  1. Excellent write, spot on. I feel really bad for this poor kid, he’s gone through a traumatic event for sure. It’s a bit problematic for me that a 17yo is out there operating as a member of an organized protection team, not good. That said I agree why isn’t EVERYONE standing against the mobs? I’m trying to spread the word, this is very important, that BLM is not organic. BLM and antifa do have a very organized structure, they are all front groups of the Revolutionary Communist Party out of Chicago aka Revcom or RCP. These are not protestors, they are insurgents, enemy combatants who’s slogan is ‘Revolution, Nothing Less’. Don’t just take my word for it, go to their website. If you watch livestreams of protests you will see the ‘revolution, nothing less’ banners and T-shirts. I saw them in person at the Tulsa Trump rally. If LE wants a RICO case revcom is who to look into. All the people this heroic kid shot turned out to be multiple felons, one was a sex offender. They are all good Communists now, one ig is only honorable mention. Cheers!


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