An Open Letter to Mayor Ted Wheeler

Mayor Wheeler,

I pity you, sir. I cannot imagine what it ultimately must feel like for you to wake up each morning, recognizing that you are the elected mayor of a major American city, only to then have to insert the bovine ring into your nose that ANTIFA and BLM lead you around by.

The whole nation understands that you are a leftist. And that’s okay, we get it. It’s a free country. And clearly you don’t understand or respect cops. That’s not unusual for many politicians who have never had to look down the barrel of a gun, or face some hoard of snarling lunatics when everyone else runs away.

But it is a cold, cold thing, Mr Wheeler, even for a mayor of one of the most liberal, leftist cities in America, to ignorantly criticize a police officer who was fighting to protect your home.

It’s something like this, in my opinion, that proves that nothing you are doing is based on any kind of sound principle. It seems obvious to me that ANTIFA and BLM have you scared to death, and just like schoolyard bullies picking on a weak little kid, they have you regurgitating whatever foul rhetoric they tell you to spew … or else.

I’m curious if they have a direct “red phone” line to your desk so they can instantly call you and give you your next marching orders for the day. You, sir, are little more than a sock puppet, with an ANTIFA hand, shoved up your sock hole, making your mouth move for you.

It may be your mouth moving, but it is clearly ANTIFA’s voice America is hearing whenever you speak.

If you have so much compassion and concern for these “peaceful” protesters that were outside your house, why were the police there in the first place? Why would you allow the police to be in your neighborhood in the first place, to harass these fine young Americans who were just throwing you a party?

Why can you not stand by your principles, sir? Why didn’t YOU come out of your house and simply tell these peaceful protesters to go away? After all, you’re the Mayor!

Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems obvious to me, just by looking at your pictures that you’ve never been in any real physical fight in your life. So, I will fill you in on a little secret, known by us MEN of America who have seen a scuffle or two in our day: Some people simply don’t understand anything but pure physical force. And many in the mob of anti American rioters in your city are just those kinds of people.

You need to study history, Mayor Wheeler. You may think your criticism of cops is cute, and will win you points with the people you have allowed to control your downtown for months now. But study what happens in almost every Marxist revolution throughout history. Once they take over, the Marxists eliminate all of the old regime. You were elected in a democratic process, within a constitutional republic. You are the enemy to them. You are just a “useful” enemy – for the moment.

Americans love their cops, Mr Wheeler. Americans want to live in peace and to be safe. Americans don’t want to be yelled and screamed at – told there is something wrong with the way they live their peaceful lives. They don’t want to live in fear that they will be shot, or hit by a brick, or attacked by a mob.

Why not join America, Mr Wheeler, and grow some sort of principled backbone, and let the police do what they must to bring calm and peace to your city. You cannot do it, because you don’t understand how to face down barbarians. So let the men and women who DO know how to face down barbarians do they job, while you hide in city hall.

Leaders have to make tough decisions. Sometimes, those decisions come at a personal cost for the leader. Can you stand up and be a leader, Mr Wheeler? Can you stand up today, and say that the violence stops NOW, and then tell the Portland Police to take the city back however they have to? Ask for National Guard. Ask for federal law enforcement to come in and help.

America is watching you abuse your cops, Mayor. And America is not with you. Once ANTIFA and BLM take enough power, they will not be with you either. Even though they are Marxists, racists, and anarchists – they respect strength as much as we real Americans do. And your current bedfellows see your weakness just the same as real Americans do. It’s only a matter of time that the schoolyard bullies are going to punch out the little kid, when he is no longer useful.

Respect your cops, Mayor Wheeler. They may be your only hope of surviving this.

Brian Whiddon – Former Police Officer

Published by Brian Whiddon

Get an old former cop's point of view on today's issues that affect public safety and the civil society. Straight, honest commentary without politically correct filters.

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