My Night at the Patriot March to Take Back St Pete

The purpose of this blog was never to become just one more political opinion rag. And it is not my intent to have it become one now. But I did want to discuss what I saw and experienced at the recent Pro Police rally I attended in St Petersburg.

First, I want to establish the foundation of why I’m writing about this:

What went on Saturday night in St Pete, and what is beginning to happen in more and more cities around this country is happening as a direct result of the war on cops that I speak about plainly in all my writings.

Videos I shot at the rally can be found HERE.

It’s important that we Americans not forget that. Real Patriots don’t look for excuses to take to the streets and make a scene. Patriots respond to threats to their liberty and peaceful existence.

What we are seeing – right now – is a Patriotic Response to the attacks by leftist politicians and organized anarchists against the men and women who protect our very lives, homes, and families. You are seeing a PATRIOTIC RESPONSE to the war on cops.

I had actually been avoiding rallies and marches, specifically because I knew that BLM, ANTIFA, and spin-off groups like “Move St Pete” (just another branch of BLM) were specifically looking for gatherings such as this to come and commit violence against real Americans.

But don’t believe me. I could be lying and spreading propaganda. So, instead read THIS ARTICLE from all the way back in 2017, about how ANTIFA has created “Rapid Response Teams” for the express purpose of mobilizing, confronting anyone gathering with a message that differs from theirs, and committing violence against that group.

Patriot groups have nothing like this. Non-Antifa types work and have jobs. Their primary focus is not on forcing “social justice” on everyone. Their primary focus is on providing for their families, enjoying their lives, living in peace.

Anyway, while I was up in the mountains of North Carolina, I saw the video of the couple back in St Pete who were surrounded, intimidated and harassed by the black hooded thugs of “Move St Pete” as they tried to simply enjoy a meal at a sidewalk restaurant. Then I saw the Patriots come out the very next night and chase the thugs from one intersection to the next, preventing them from blocking traffic and threatening motorists. And when one thug resorted to pulling a knife, a Patriot introduced him to the 2nd Amendment in the form of a concealed pistol.

Everything the Patriots did was a reaction, not an instigation. And it finally clicked in my head. Once that happened, I felt a sense of hypocrisy. I’ve sat and written about this stuff and cheered on people and groups such as this – but I hadn’t gotten up and gone to these things.

Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t done nothing. But all my preparations have been about protecting and supporting my immediate family in the event this violence comes too close to my own inner circle. I hadn’t gone out and made any attempts to be part of the movement to change the wayward direction of the country and extinguish this chaos.

So, after returning from the mountains, I decided to become one more visible voice. I joined the rally to “Take Back Downtown St Pete.”

The people I met there, I felt, didn’t want to be there. They were there because they felt they had to be there – like me. But once there, like me, they found a crowd of people who love this country – just like they do. They found a crowd who was sick of being villainized for simply living their lives – like themselves. They found a crowd who has had enough of being criminalized and lied about due to the color of their skin – just like me. And the excitement of not having to hide, shut up, or stay invisible was contagious!

Sure, there were some folks there who were chomping at the bit to confront, and even fight, any violent radical Marxists they could find. The left and the media would call that being “violent.” But no. It was only another reaction. These guys were reacting to what they have watched over and over and over again on Facebook and YouTube: violent leftist thugs bullying and intimidating innocent Americans on sidewalks, in cafes, driving home from work. The bikers and the rednecks and the brawlers who came out were reacting to their sheepdog instinct – a desire to protect the weak and innocent.

If I can be blunt here – I had my reservations. A part of me really felt that St Pete, as a whole, did not deserve my (or anyone else’s) efforts. I mean, the St Pete residents voted in a liberal leftist mayor. The residents of St Pete voted in radical leftist council members who SAID “NO” TO LAW AND ORDER, and YES to defunding the Police Department. (If you haven’t read the linked article – you need to.)

So, don’t the residents of St Pete kind of deserve the chaos and anarchy that they now have? Don’t they, as a city, deserve the downfall of their downtown. Indeed, many of the Patriots in St Pete on October 3rd were from out of town. People came from other cities and counties to block and prevent the anarchy that ST PETE RESIDENTS voted for and ushered in!!

And here is the irony that escapes Mayor “little ricky” Kriseman, and his leftist lemmings: Those Patriots never asked anyone on the street, in the restaurants, on the sidewalks what side of the political spectrum they were on. No one in the sidewalk cafes were threatened, intimidated or harassed. No one was surrounded and forced to salute the American flag, or say “All Lives Matter” – or anything at all. Most civilians honked, cheered, applauded. Some gave negative responses. But no one was trapped, blocked, surrounded, or bullied in any way by these bikers, rednecks, and brawlers.

And here’s something else Kriseman and the leftists don’t get: Those Patriots – like cops – would have jumped in and confronted (YES, I said it – CONFRONTED) anyone they saw bullying any civilian. They wouldn’t have bothered with who that civilian was voting for, what they believed, or whether they thought cops were murderers.

“Move St Pete”, ANTIFA, BLM don’t care how you vote either – just as long as you raise your fist and scream BLACK LIVES MATTER when they march by. Not doing so might very well get you punched in the face, or hit by a skateboard.

Don’t wait for the “Shit to hit The Fan”. It already has. Cops are under attack. They are being ordered not to enforce the laws of our communities when it comes to the radical fascists claiming to be battling racism. Cops have two choices, follow orders or quit their jobs. Either way, we wind up with no one standing between us and the street thugs. And that is exactly what these radical groups are filling their ranks with – thugs and criminals.

You don’t have to come out and fight – just come out. I believe that stopping this chaos starts with the bad guys (AND us Patriots) seeing just how many of us there are. Politicians need to see that WE outnumber the criminals and thugs who are using “racism” as a convenient (and false) excuse to eliminate the only thing standing between them and whatever they want to take from YOU. They want to eliminate THE COPS.

More Americans need to be in the street saying “NO.”

Let me know what you think by posting a comment at the bottom of the page.

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2 thoughts on “My Night at the Patriot March to Take Back St Pete

  1. The perhaps most glaring irony to me is that the communists who claim to be for the working people (workers of the world unite!) are a bunch of unemployed basement dwellers, and the good patriotic working people absolutely do not want their communist system.


    1. I agree with you. But personally, I think the greatest irony is that they are out in the streets using Fascist tactics (the exact same as Hitler’s “Brownshirts” and Mussolini’s “Black Shirts” used) while claiming to be fighting fascism.


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