Family of Murdered Patriot Sues Portland for Failing to Protect the Public

It’s been another long stretch since my last post. Blogs aren’t easy things to keep alive, unless you’re somebody with a lot of spare time on your hands. Since fleeing the Communist People’s Republic of St Petersburg, FLA and moving up into the mountains of north Georgia, I’ve had much to keep me busy. Additionally, as someone who works on the computer for his living, I really prefer to spend my free time in the woods rather than on a screen.

I’m as passionate as I always have been about law and order, and the plight of cops in this nation. But, I’m afraid that until a LOT more people stand up and raise holy Hell across this country, we are going to see the lawlessness continue to grow and spread – at least in the major cities.

Speaking of major cities, the City of Portland may finally have to answer for its utterly feckless response to the riots it hosted last year.

During these nightly displays of anarchy, the mayor, Ted Wheeler, decided it would be best to tell his police force to effectively “stand down” and let the rioters have their way.

On the night of August 29, 2020, when the official policy was actually keeping cops AWAY from areas where rioters were causing mayhem, an innocent man was gunned down in an ambush attack from one of the cowardly “anti fascist” rioters.

Self described “anti fascist” (read that “Trump Hater”) Michael Reinoehl hid himself in the alcove of a parking garage in downtown Portland. He was apparently hunting “fascists.” He found his quarry. How? He saw a guy walking down the sidewalk with a black T-shirt bearing an image of the American flag with “We The People” stenciled across it. Clearly a fascist, right?

Leftist maggot Reinoehl (right) stepping out of his hiding spot and pulling a gun from a pouch with his right hand just prior to murdering Aaron Danielson. Notice Danielson (in black shirt) cannot even see Reinoehl. So Danielson is not a threat. This was premediated murder, plain and simple.

Photo downloaded from

According to witnesses – and a video – ( Reinoehl and another unidentified suspect have a short, shouted conversation:

“Hey, we have a Trumper right here!”


Then Reinoehl fired two shots from a .380 pistol into Aaron “Jay” Danielson, killing him with a shot to the chest. Then, both suspects, like cowards, fled into the night.

Thank God, Reinoehl fought cops a few days later as they attempted to arrest him, and was shot dead, saving us all the indignity of having to watch this human turd stand trial.

While this scene is horrific and disturbing, it should not be surprising. The mayor had ordered all of the riot cops to say clear of the rioters. So, they were a couple of blocks away. The lawsuit also claims that the police had specific orders not to interfere with or get between clashes between opposing groups.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt appears to have fanned the flames of incompetence by adopting (and ANNOUNCING) a policy of refusing to prosecute ‚Äúpublic order crimes such as criminal mischief, interfering with an officer or a stand-alone riot charge.”

So basically, the very people whose job it was to protect the city and its inhabitants called “open season” on innocent people, businesses, and especially Trump supporters.

This is EXACTLY the result that can be expected every time politicians decide NOT to enforce basic law and order. The cockroaches come out of the woodwork to get their piece of a virtual “free-for-all.” This is the kind of stuff that we can expect everywhere community leaders have adopted the anti-Police message of the racist terrorist group “Black Lives Matter” and their thug partners in crime, ANTIFA.

Now the family of Aaron Danielson has filed suit against the city, and specifically named loser mayor, Ted Wheeler, and the District Attorney Mike Schmidt.

The family is seeking $13 million is damages, which I personally think is paltry pocket change compared to the damage these leftist, ideologically driven bureaucrats did to the very city and county they are sworn to keep safe. But, I’m certain that the Danielson family’s attorney had reasons for determining $13M as a reasonable amount.

We’ll have to wait and see if the courts in that leftist, socialist stronghold in Oregon will actually allow a fair trial of the facts surrounding this murder.

In the meantime you can read the full story on the lawsuit on Breitbart.

Of course, there are some that will say “But that’s Breitbart, and they lie because they supported Trump.” So, if you are ignorant, and only want to believe “official” news, here’s the same story on ABC.

Here you can see the SURVEILLANCE PHOTOS of the cowardly ambush attack that cost Danielson his life.

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