Black Lives Matter in Chicago – Unless They are Killed by Someone Other Than a COP….

As we enter another end to another week, I’d like to point folks to Chicago and last weekend.

In the Windy City, run by liberal democrat mayor, Lori Lightfoot, 60 people were shot last weekend.

7 of those people died, including a 12 year old boy who was shot in the head.

The story can be found HERE.

For those who only want to believe the “mainstream” media, I’d like to post some additional links. But I cannot find this story on CNN, NBC, ABC, or CBS. You’ll only find this truth on sites like Breitbart, FOX, and local network affiliates. Are you awake yet?

Chicago was one of the hot-beds for protests last year and activist calls for “defund the police.” It was also another hotbed for “hands off” approaches to riot control, just like Portland.

A site I found very interesting is Right on their home page, they do a great job of breaking down the Chicago violence and crime statistics by month, year, city sector, human demographic – you name it. We are only halfway through September, and 42 people have been shot and killed.

But let’s look at the demographics of the violence. This screen-shot, taken from tells the story.

This year (as with years past) the number of black shooters, AND VICTIMS, far exceed the numbers in every other demographic.

As a black person in Chicago, you are far more apt to be shot and killed by another black person than you are a cop or a white supremacist. But what are black people across the country being told about who their enemies are?

In fact, it has been more dangerous to be a young black resident of Chicago than a soldier in Afghanistan during ANY month between 2013 and today – including the bombing during Biden’s surrender in Kabul.

Where are “Black Lives Matter” and the “Anti-Fascists”? Why aren’t there riots in front of City Hall demanding the immediate resignation of the mayor and the entire city council and aldermen to get some real leadership in that city?

While debates continue over whether defunding police departments are the cause of skyrocketing crime rates, these pontificators and “experts” miss the big picture.

My foundational premise for writing my book – BLUE LIVES MATTER – The Heart Behind the Badge, and for starting this blog has always been this: cops are human beings – not statistics or robots. The politicians and news media miss this – or they don’t care.

The real problem is that cities like Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, LA, San Francisco, and so many others told their cops, in no uncertain terms, that their lives, – indeed their very wellbeing – was not nearly as important as a socialist political agenda and trying to run President Trump out of office. They told the cops this by telling them to stand down as cities burned and innocent people were viciously attacked. Cops were told that they would be punished for using the necessary force to control the anarchists. It was made clear that defending themselves, or anyone else, from an assailant who happened to have dark skin pigmentation would result in criminal charges, termination, and possibly danger to their very homes and families.

Cops have responded all over the country. Retirements and resignations are on the rise everywhere. On the flip side, new hires are down. Think about it. Would YOU be a cop right now? Every move you make and word you utter will be scrutinized for even the slightest hint of something that could be construed as “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” or a litany of other “-isms” that you are not guilty of. Then, if you have to defend yourself against an assailant, you will be judged not on your actions, but the color of the assailant. Not to mention, police work is still a dangerous job.

And now, with departmental shortages becoming a greater and greater problem, cops now have to face the reality that there isn’t nearly enough backup out there. Who can they turn to?

This is not just a direct result of “defund the police” efforts. It’s the collective result of human beings deciding that they no longer wish to put their lives at risk for people and cities who don’t appreciate them – or even actively despise them. If you keep kicking a dog, eventually, it will leave your porch and never return. Our politicians have kicked the cops too much, and I believe this cop shortage and crime surge will continue to get way worse before it gets better.

Politicians, you claimed that “black lives matter” and you alienated your cops. Not the very people you claimed to care about are the ones sufferings and dying the most. What are you going to do about it?

I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts.

Brian Whiddon is a 15 year police veteran and author of BLUE LIVES MATTER – The Heart Behind The Badge. It will be out soon, available from his publisher, Amazon, and wherever books are sold.

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Get an old former cop's point of view on today's issues that affect public safety and the civil society. Straight, honest commentary without politically correct filters.

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