Louden County VA Commonwealth Attorney Will Not Prosecute Crimes

“”Woke” politics in prosecutor’s office will have severe results in a county already sullied by a 2 school rapes perpetrated by a “trans gender” student and an alarming rate of unprosecuted domestic violence cases.

Buta Biberaj (Front Center) has announced that her office will not prosecute crimes like Hit and Run, Eluding Police, and Trespassing.

In October of 2020, in the midst of the “Black Lives Matter” and “Defund Police” movements, I wrote a post saying “Get Ready for Higher Crime Rates.” That article got my personal Facebook account permanently banned.

I wasn’t wrong. In their perpetual pursuit for “social justice,” scores of left leaning, “woke” (read “Marxist”) prosecutors figured they would do their part by simply not honoring their oaths of office, and refusing to prosecute crimes. Mostly this is happening in big cities like Chicago, New York, L.A., Seattle, etc.

One district attorney in my home state of Florida tried that crap. Gov. Ron Desantis fired him. That’s what should be happening all over the country. But, many of our local, county, and state governments have also been infested by these derelicts that care more about virtue signaling than your safety.

Buta Biberaj was elected as Louden County’s top prosecutor in 2019, and took office in January 2020. An article written for the law school at George Mason University states that Biberaj’s goal in her new position was “doing something smartly rather than just doing things the old way.”

The “old way” … You know – holding people responsible for their actions and punishing crimes.

I read through the article, looking for specific qualifications that made Biberaj qualified to run a prosecutor’s office – you know, conviction rates, big cases she may have won, reduction of crime rates in Louden County since she became a prosecutor, etc. But, strangely, I found nothing that really stands out. Perhaps the key factor that qualifies her to run the office of the Commonwealth Attorney is her vagina. That ‘s right. She’s the first woman to be elected to the position.

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According to a report by ABC 7 News, here is the list of crimes that Biberaj said her office would no longer be involved in:

  • Hit and run with property damage
  • Eluding police
  • Reckless driving for speeding under 90 miles per hour
  • Trespassing
  • Petty larceny
  • Drunk in public
  • Underage possession of alcohol
  • Noise complaints
  • Failure to appear

In a letter to the courts in her county, Biberaj stated rather than her office prosecuting these crimes, they would “instead be handled by law enforcement and the courts”.

Now, I’m not from Virginia. I never lived in Virginia. I’m not certain what “handled by law enforcement and the courts” means in Virginia. In Florida, where I was a cop (and I assume most other states in the Union do the same), the criminal justice system is a multi-tiered structure. The job of the police is to basically bring you into that system. Prosecutors present the facts they have to the courts. The courts decide your fate. A simple explanation to be sure. But that’s the basic structure.

“Law enforcement” doesn’t prosecute you, nor does the court. Criminal cases at the state level are always titled as “The State of (Name of State) vs (Name of Defendant). The representative of “The State” is the Attorney General, who has offices throughout the state, which are run by various levels of “assistant state attorneys.” I have never heard of a criminal case called “The Louden County Sheriff’s Office vs John Smith” or “The Leesburg Police Department vs John Smith.” Have you? Nor have I ever heard of “Louden County Circuit Court vs John Smith.”

So, what it sounds like to me is that Biberaj, despite her claims to be leaving these crimes up to “law enforcement and the courts,” is taking prosecution and potential conviction and punishment off the table concerning these crimes. Law Enforcement does not have the authority to prosecute anyone. Nor do the courts. So basically, she’s telling the cops and the courts to handle the crime without actually convicting anyone of crimes.

An interesting point I noticed when researching this story was the fact that Biberaj specifically pointed to police body cams as part of her problem:

“As you may know, with the increase in the trials in Circuit Court and the introduction of body worn camera and related recordings in each case, the OCA is inundated and left with insufficient time to prosecute every infraction and low-level offense that is charged.”

Remember when the leftists were screaming and wailing that we needed more body cams on cops because, as everybody knew, cops were out there terrorizing their communities and hunting down black people to kill them? Remember that? And, we were told that if there were more body cams recording cops’ every move, then we would see just how bad the racism and brutality was in law enforcement, and it would make all the cops behave better.

Now what we are seeing are more and more perpetrators unable to weasel their way out of criminal charges due to “lack of evidence.” More often than not, we are seeing that the cops are right when they make an arrest. That makes it harder for soft-on-crime prosecutors to “no bill” cases that they feel they cannot easily win in court.

So, basically, the body cams are coming back to bite the social justice warriors in the butts as the whole world gets to see that police are arresting people who are really committing crimes, and not just picking on minorities.

You may recall the name “Louden County” in reference to the “Louden County School District” which failed to do anything about a male student going into a girls’ bathroom and allegedly sexually assaulting a girl. Well, they did something about it. They moved the boy to another school, where he allegedly sexually assaulted yet another girl.

In this article, you can read what a grand jury found in that case. The sexual assault incidents were described this way:

“Between May and October of 2021, the same male high-school student allegedly sexually assaulted two females in the LCPS district. The first incident happened in the girl’s bathroom at Stone Bridge High School (SBHS), where the “gender-fluid” perpetrator, who was wearing a skirt at the time, allegedly sodomized a ninth-grade girl.”

It appears that Biberaj was instrumental in allowing the sexual assailant to go free after the first assault, according to this article.

But, wait. There’s more! County supervisors and none other than the Attorney General of Virginia himself have been banging the pots and pans over this woman’s treatment of domestic violence cases. You can read about it HERE.

In another article, the same county supervisor said:

“I received many mailings from Buta when she was a candidate. In not one of them did it say that she was looking to only prosecute or take to trial eight percent of the domestic abuse cases. And yet, when we look at the statistics being kept by the domestic abuse response team, 92 percent of these cases are not taken to trial. So, I’m very concerned that we’re seeing that happen.”

92% of domestic violence cases never going to trial!! Talk about a War on Women!

I guess we can chalk this up to a blue state voting in lunatics, and getting their just rewards. But, even ignorant voters who vote for these Marxist politicians can’t possibly want the top prosecutor to say that certain crimes simply don’t matter anymore.

Policies like these have been proven time and again to simply encourage more crime. Biberaj’s claim that this is all about using limited resources in the best manner. But eventually, Louden county will have such an overall crime problem that even those limited resources will be insufficient to maintain simple law and order.

Consider petty larceny, for example. In the state of Virginia, “petty larceny” is theft of anything under $500. Biberaj will not prosecute people for stealing $499.99 worth of property. Walmart tried that policy back in 2006. In the linked article, Walmart execs specifically stated that the policy of not prosecuting any theft under $25 helped allow them to “concentrate on theft by professional shoplifters and its own employees.” Well, it didn’t work, because theft has become such a big problem now, Walmart might have to close stores . Basically, Walmart announcing that they wouldn’t prosecute for theft under a certain amount was understood by the criminal population as “Come steal from us.”

“Eluding Police” in Virginia specifically relates to vehicle operation (as opposed to running away on foot). Additionally, the crime is divided into misdemeanor and felony levels. Basically, eluding is “willful and wanton disregard” of a cop trying to pull you over. It becomes a felony when you put people’s safety at risk while not stopping for a cop. Biberaj does not differentiate between the two. In Louden county, you simply won’t be prosecuted for not stopping when a cop tries to pull you over, regardless who you put in danger while doing so. Let’s not forget that you also won’t be prosecuted for reckless driving – as long as you are doing it at below 90 mph. Reckless driving covers a LOT under Virginia law. So here’s a link so you can read it all for yourself. In a nutshell, reckless driving includes driving “in a manner so as to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person.” So, basically, you can drive like a maniac in Louden county VA, and if a cop tries to pull you over, you can gun it a flee from them (Just don’t go over 90), and the prosecutor’s office under Buta Biberaj will not prosecute you. I mean, why should they, right?

And, if someone eluding police crashes into and totals your car and keeps driving, so what? As long as you aren’t injured, they won’t get prosecuted for that either. So why shouldn’t they slam into you while trying to outrun the cops?

Like other jurisdictions in the US that have adopted “soft on crime” policies, Louden county will suffer, eventually. As of 2021 census, the median home value was $569,100 with a median family income of $156,821. It’s a suburb of Washington DC, and I can only imaging it will make an irresistible target for urban criminals. I mean, why not – when you can trespass, steal, AND drive like a bat out of hell? And if the cops catch you, you’ll never see the inside of a courtroom.

The bottom line is this: Buta Biberaj’s “no prosecution” policy is nothing more than an extension of pro-criminal, anti citizen’s rights philosophy that leftists have embraced to create chaos in our civil society.

Brian Whiddon spent 15 years as a street cop. In his book Blue Lives Matter – The Heart behind The badge, he shares his experiences and reminds us that cops, first and foremost, are HUMAN BEINGS, and need to be seen as such. 10% of all proceeds go to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation to help families of first responders killed in the line of duty.












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