An Open Letter to Mayor Ted Wheeler

Mayor Wheeler, I pity you, sir. I cannot imagine what it ultimately must feel like for you to wake up each morning, recognizing that you are the elected mayor of a major American city, only to then have to insert the bovine ring into your nose that ANTIFA and BLM lead you around by. TheContinue reading “An Open Letter to Mayor Ted Wheeler”

Understanding the Marxist roots of Black Lives Matter – in their OWN WORDS.

Look, I understand that it’s easy to get tunnel vision when there are a thousand different crazy issues swirling around the country today. You’re called a racist. You aren’t a racist. But, every time you insist you are not a racist, you are told that your denial is proof of your racism. Then there’s theContinue reading “Understanding the Marxist roots of Black Lives Matter – in their OWN WORDS.”

Kyle Rittenhouse – The Price of Patriotism

Well, because I was hard at work all day on a boat engine, I’m kind of a late arrival as far as covering this story goes. The internet is already swirling with videos, images, and opinions concerning this young man and his experiences last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. So, re-telling the story is kind ofContinue reading “Kyle Rittenhouse – The Price of Patriotism”

If they are afraid of cops, then why….?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we been told over and over that black Americans are scared of cops? I’m pretty certain that I’ve heard one politician after another, one activist after another, one “community leader” after another, tell us that black people spend every day in fear that today will be the dayContinue reading “If they are afraid of cops, then why….?”

So, Another Shooting, More Knee-Jerk Reactions, and More Riots

Sunday, August 23, 2020 – Kenosha, Wisconsin ***See Update Below *** Police responded to a domestic disturbance at around 5:11 pm. At some point, cellphone video captures the scene of Jacob Blake walking around the front of a grey SUV with two officers following him, their guns drawn, and pointed at him. Blake opens theContinue reading “So, Another Shooting, More Knee-Jerk Reactions, and More Riots”

Why does a 50 year-old ex-cop want to tell you his story?

As far back as human history is recorded, every civilization has required some organization of people to “keep the peace.” And, there have always been those who resent authority figures. There is a war going on right now, the likes of which we in the United States have never seen before. It’s an open warContinue reading “Why does a 50 year-old ex-cop want to tell you his story?”